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1 MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Fri May 01, 2009 3:58 pm


Nagtry na ba ang mga taga Bohol ug MILSIM games? Or most of the time skirmish (Hutdanay)and Speedball (Get something from the Killhouse and bring to base) lang gihapon?

Nindot man gud sa Bohol Milsim games kay ang mga site sa bohol, nindot au mag MilSim.

2 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Sat May 02, 2009 9:16 pm


pwdi ngau ug link sir para makakita ko wat na MilSim na games?

3 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Sat May 02, 2009 9:45 pm



7 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Mon May 04, 2009 9:39 pm


nagkastorya na mi sa uban commanders,on leave ko sa HAS for the moment kai uli ko kadyot sa Bohol. na a man daghan na intresado pero masapawan sa uban sched and invitation dula ron sa cebu, bacin pohon. sulayan nalang hangyo Sensie og perspective scenarios and evo's para bibo and na a variation ang games dre.Na a na koi 4 ka site na posible magam an nato scenarios and evo. depende napod sa mangapil ana. pasok na ka a u imu mga improvise trip wires and smoke bombs ana Tommy tom.

8 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Tue May 05, 2009 9:27 am


Ang ato mga old sites sa bohol kay pwede na man kaayo to gaman ug MilSim ang kulang na lang is: Scenario, Operatives and Designated opfor.

9 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:07 pm



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10 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:10 pm


asa dapit sa panglao dulaun ni?????
pwdi ko tanaw?

11 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:00 am


skeptron_junlee wrote:pwdi ngau ug link sir para makakita ko wat na MilSim na games?

Jtag oscar mike!


Daghang pinoy apil ani, hasta taga Bohol - talibon, tagbilaran, dagohoy ug panglao.

12 Milsim on Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:19 pm


In order for you to conduct Milsim OP , you should have the following:
01. AIRSOFT FIELD as your AO (Area of Operation)
a. Operational Command (OPCOM) to plan and execute your operation according to your tactical and organizational vision.
b. Sample Mission /Operational Orders (OPORDS)
c. FRAGO or Fragmentation Orders
d. Flow of battle sketch
e. Props for scenarios and TOT’s (Time on Tagets)
f. Safety Briefing
g. Maps and coordinates
h. Communications
08. COMBAT CAMERA MAN to film and take pics of the event

Most large milsim op lasted for 24 hours - 6 hours preparation, chrono’s, briefings and so on, then 18 hours objective oriented continuous tactical mission simulations without breaks, that means whatever you need on the field you have to carry it with you - MRE’s ,H2O, and etc. Night engagement is fun but ya gotta have NVG’s.

Hope this give you some clue and glad to be of help.

Looking forward you guys can launch a milsim op like this in the future. It’s gonna be awesome sa mga kaliwat ni Dagohoy!

Good luck!

13 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:49 pm


kamusta nmn ang milsim?? balita sad mo dnha oi, sayang wla ko kakita ani dah! ! ! post ninyo mga pix bhe or videos...

14 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:25 pm


061409 @ 800hrs pa ni pohon sir, dry run sa site

15 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:36 pm


asa dapit sa panglao ni mahitabo sir?
mutanaw unta q...

16 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:05 am


e finalized pa ni this week, haven't played ana na site and location.abandoned beach resort ni. updates coming up soon.

17 FTX on Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:20 am


Let me help with some basics Wink


Training goals include:

Developing each member of the chain of command to perform his duties with competence, confidence, and pride.

Maintaining small unit integrity during training and support activities. Accomplishing tasks as units.

Training in airsoft standard.

Developing and maintaining discipline and esprit de corps to ensure JTAG as a cohesive and defendable airsoft team.

Maintaining standard level of physical fitness.

2 Platoons (Red & Blue)
4 Teams (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Delta)

Program of activities will include PT, but will focus mostly on combat formations and milsim operations.

1-01: COMBAT FORMATION BY STATIONS (all in airsoft standards)



(c) FILE






(i) FIRE & MANEUVER...airsoft range


Apply the different combat formations...

Some highlights of BULL RUN will include the following scenarios:

2-01: Baptism of Fire (fox and hounds)

· The Foxes:
- Few Volunteers

· The Hounds: All remaining Forces

· Game Time: 45 mins.

· Game Rules:A few foxes will be singled out and identified by armband configuration. The remaining Forces will play as hounds. The ratio of foxes to hounds should be at least 10:1(depending on the ratio). The foxes are released first and are given a short head start (5 mins). The hounds are then released to hunt down the foxes. For the foxes to win, at least one of them must survive the stated time period. For the hounds to win, they must hunt down all the foxes within the designated field, and within the stated time limit. No re-spawn.

2-02: Attack & Defend

· Divide Forces into 2 Platoons

(a) 1st Platoon (Red)
(b) 2nd Platoon (Blue)

· Game Time: 45 minutes

· Game rules: 1st Platoon (Red) is assigned in an easily defensible area (The Village). They are limited in their movements and must stay in the area of their defense. They are defending their flag, hanging well within their defensive positions. In order for the attacking forces (Blue) to win, they must pull off the flag. It is not necessary to carry or move the flag, but simply pull it off without being eliminated. They must also do it in 45 minutes. No re-spawn.

2-03: Attack & Defend

· Reverse the situation of 2-02
· Same time frame, same rules

2-04: Search & Destroy

· Divide Forces into 1st (RED) & 2nd Platoon (BLUE)

· Game Time: 90 minutes

· Game Rules: Each Platoon will be given a staging area. The objective is to simply eliminate the other side. There is no flag or flag stations in this event. In the case of time limit, whichever unit has eliminated more of their opposition, wins. NO re-spawn.

2-05: Rescue Mission (Milsim)

Mission Scenario:

Two downed pilots are hiding in the jungle, waiting to be rescued. Special Operations Command (SOC) have sent a team of Navy Seals to rescue the pilots and brought them to Spec Ops Base where a team of Army Rangers are waiting. From there, they will have to pick up a package and bring the Pilots to the airfield for their final extraction. They win.

On the other side a small group of rebel sympathizers were chasing the rescuers trying to catch the Pilots as well. If they succeeded in capturing either of the two pilots, they have to bring him/them to the Rebel base and present to their leader for interrogation (held the pilot/s for 5 minutes). The Pilot/s was carrying a top-secret document which they buried somewhere in the jungle. If the rebels succeeded in the recovery of the document, they win.

In the final stage of the mission, each group (SpecOps & Rebels) have the chance to chase each other to avoid mission completion. A horn/whistle will be sounded signifying the final stage of this scenario. Be Alert!

Unit composition:

Navy Seals – Alpha Team

Army Rangers – Bravo team

Rebel Sympathizer – Charlie Team

Rebels – Delta Team


No re-spawn
If a member is eliminated he/she has to return to the staging area.
Remaining members of the team will have to reinforce the others to complete the mission.
Seals will be deployed 3 minutes before the rebel sympathizers pursued.
Seals will start from the staging area; North of the Airfield.
Rebel sympathizers will start from the South of the Airfield.
Rangers will have to stay inside the Spec Ops Camp and wait for the Seals and the Pilot.
Rebels will have to stay inside the Village and wait for their sympathizers and the downed Pilot.
The pilots can shoot back to the rebels with a pistol, and can only be neutralize (wounded) if get hit.
Failure to accomplish the mission will result into a draw.

Game time: 90 Minutes

Area of Operation:

Staging Area – The Airfield
Ranger Base – Spec Ops Camp
Rebel Base – The Village
Pilots hiding place – The Forward Operating Base (near the river)
Extraction Point – North of the Airfield
Location of hidden document to be revealed by organizers only in a need to know basis.


Mabuhay mga kaliwat ni Dagohoy!

18 Rules of Engagement on Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:52 am


Rules of Engagement:


FPS rules:

400fps with .25g bb's minimum engangement distance of 10 feet.

500fps sniper rifles with .25bb's minimum engangement distance of 100 feet.

3.) MASK/GOGGLE REQUIREMENTS - Depending on field insurance rules 17 and under must have full seal goggles with face protection i.e. paintball mask.

Medic Rule:

Each medic will be supplied with:

10 Bandages
1 Roll of Tape

Each Mobile field hostpital will be supplied with:
4 Tourniquets
1 Transport Bag
1 medic will be supplied with a MFH Flag and a large transport bag for each team.


When a player is hit:

1.) they must call out "hit"
2.) put on their red rag
3.) remove the magazine from their weapon.
4.) They can then call for a medic to heal them to wounded status.

Players can talk while they are wounded, to aid in the medics being able to get to them.

This player can be dragged to a limit of 15 ft from where they were hit by either a player or a medic. Contact must be mantained between wounded and player. No running will be allowed during the drag.


To replicate healing the medic must

1.) Apply bandage to arm *(above the elbow - below the shoulder)
2.) Complete 4 revolutions of tape around the bandage.

IF A WOUNDED PLAYER IS CAUGHT WITH LESS THAN 4 revolutions of tape on the bandage that player is automatically sent to respawn. AND the medic is penalized 5 bandages. If the medic doesn't have 5 bandages with them they are considered eliminated and sent back to respawn also.

You will have a 5 minute time span in which a medic can get to you.

If you are not attended to in the 5 minutes, you then will return to respawn.

There are no exeptions to this rule, you cannot just get up and go back to re-spawn after being wounded, even if there are no medics in the area, Period! You must stay in your position for the 5 minute bleed out period.

Players can only be patched in the field to wounded status once. If you are hit again while you are bandaged you will automaticly start your 5 minute bleed out time before you return to re-spawn.

Re-Spawn will be on the 15's. "00 - 15 - 30 - 45" of each hour. You will drop your bandage off at either re-spawn or a MFH before re-entering the game. No player except medics will have unused bandages on them at any time, except for transport in the appropriate bag.

Mobile Field Hospitals (MFH) and Fully Healed:

Each team will be given 1 MFH Flag at the start of the game.To set up a MFH you will need to have a 50ft perimeter set up for the minimum of ten minutes. A Medic and an Engineer together are the only way to perform this. The Medic has the flag, and the Engineer has the timer. Once the ten minute time span is met, full healing can begin. If at any time the MFH comes under direct attack, all healing is ceased until the perimeter is set up and held again for 10 mins. If the MFH is over run then the attacking team will call it in to an Admin or Ref and the defending team will lose it's MFH ability for 1 hr from that point. You can not take the defending teams flag, it will be null and void for 1 hr.

Full Healing: The only way to fully heal a wounded player is to first remove the wounded bandage and apply 1 tourniquet to each limb. 4 tourniquets in total need to be applied and then removed before a player is fully healed. All 4 must be on at once before removal. All of the wounded bandages taken off at the MFH will be returned in a transport bag to respawn or giving to the other medics for re-supply.

Bandage Transport and Re-Supply:
Transport bags will be supplied to each medic for re-supply or return of bandages from your
stationary re-spawn point. You cannot use these transport bags as a medic bag, they will be marked "TRANSPORT ONLY" You can either send another player or go yourself to perform re-supply or drop off actions. 10 bandages is the limit for transport or re-supply in each bag. Once you have accumalted 10 used bandages in your transport bag, you must either go yourself or send a team mate with them back to respawn. This will enable other medics on your team to re-supply at re-spawn while a MFH is operational. If any medic or player transporting bandages is stopped and caught with more than 10 bandages on them or in the transport bag they will be sent to respawn for a ten minute penalty. The large transport bag will only be used at a MFH for bandage collection. It has no number limit for how many can be kept inside. If the MFH is over run, all bandages must be returned to re-spawn. You can at any point and time send a player or yourself with the large transport bag back to re-spawn to drop off the accumulated bandages. Medics can also re-supply at MFH's if they are not engaged at the time of re-supply, and if there are bandages there in the large transport bag.

There will be no Air Strikes allowed on MFH's.

Respawns will be held at 00 - 15 – 30 – 45 of every hour. this is to maximize play time. Designated stationary respawns will be marked on the map provided.


Due to some confusion of safety eliminations our policy is as follows:

Safety eliminations must be used within 10ft and getting the "dead to rights" on another player.

Safety eliminations are used as a COURTESY to the target player.

Definition of "dead to rights".

Player must be behind the target player within 10 - 15ft *use best judgment* and have the element of surprise.

Definition of safety elimination.

Player must have target player(s) "dead to rights"
Player must raise gun toward player and yell - "BANG - BANG!" to simulate shooting. No more "Safety kill" wording.


Player must touch target player and tell him he's out.

Target player is then considered dead and must walk back to respawn.

Safety eliminations in groups:

1 vs 1 - 3:

If you get the drop on 1 - 3 people "dead to rights" All target players are considered dead and must walk back to respawn.

1 vs 4 or more

If you find yourself behind 4 or more players do not bother with a safety elimination, you must eliminate the group by firing on them.

IF they do not accept or make aggressive movements: players acknowledge that they are willing to be shot at that distance and will fire at the legs of target player.

If you are facing another player actively engaged, please use common sense and aim for the body or leg areas.

*If multiple players stumble across each other in surprise and are within 15 feet, guns go down and "SAFETY KILL" is called. An even number of players from each team will go back to respawn dead. There is no bleed out. Safety kills are also called when dealing with opposing players on either side of the same bunker/wall/tree/etc. (EX: 1 Player from Team A comes around a corner and walks into 2 players from Team B. Safety Kill is called, the player from Team A goes back to respawn, as well as ONE player from Team B.)

NOTE: By all means, if you don't like to safety eliminate.. be patient.. take a few steps back out of 10ft... then shoot. leaves no questions or arguments.

Room clearings may only be used with Pistols or STOCK SMG's NO AEG FIRE ALLOWED IN CQB PERIOD.
If you do not have either a pistol or Stock SMG do not bother room clearing.

STOCK FPS: 350 or under

Sniper fire engagements will have a 100 ft rule for safety. Please show common sense.

Gas grenades that expel bb's are field legal. PROP, SONIC,or DUMMY grenades are NOT FIELD LEGAL.
Also the said grenade must go off for hits to be called.
Grenades can be used to clear out buildings.
If the grenade is used in an enclosed building space, everyone in the room will be considered HIT.

Grenades used outside of buildings are BY HONOR.

M203 grenade launchers:
Since M203 AIRSOFT grenade launchers are considered "directional ordinance" such as claymores, these rules apply.

1.) the M203 must be in line of sight - NO BLIND FIREING
2.) as in all directional ordinance it will only affect the direction or players in the path of the bb's
i.e. if you are clearing a room in an "L" shape and you fire the grenade into the longer portion of the room while some "hide" behind the shorter. only those players in the "Line of sight" or longer portion are considered HIT.

No fighting with physical contact will be tollerated at any time. Players found to be involved in physical fighting will be ejected from the field with no refund and BANNED FROM ALL AIRSOFT GAMES.

No stealing will be tolerated. Anyone caught stealing at the field will be BANNED FOR LIFE FROM ALL AIRSOFT GAMES.


Use caution!
smoke grenades are to be used only if you see a stalemate forming.

Again REFS are the final ruling on the field.

GOOD LUCK and have fun!

Hope these helps.

Mabuhay mga kaliwat ni Dagohoy!

19 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:50 pm


sir marcus unsa man ni operation blitzkrig pila pud entrance fee??? nindot ni kay maka pool na ang cge lang cqb..

20 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:11 pm


dry run pa ni sir sa SAW. we'll post updates soon since wala pa man final decision for the proposed date. but for sure we will push through on this kind of game and introduce this to all Boholano airsofters to enjoy and participate in one MilSim event,,at least dili lang permi speedball and skirmish type ang dula sa mga teams. its time to evolve to a new level of game.

21 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:16 pm


ok sir apil nya mi ha....

22 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:34 pm


bounce cant wait.. Smile

23 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:38 pm


kumusta nani nga event?

24 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:33 am


just had this last june operation: blitzkrieg, hopefully be introduce again and part of the proposed Leg as variation of technique and tactical scenarios for specified gamesite. so far it was a success since bag o pa jud ni na introduce sa bohol,operator from HAS Cebu conducted the drills. mas ma a u daghan teams mu participate ani pohon kai bibo. especially nagkadaghan ang mga teams and airsofters sa Bohol.

25 Re: MIL-SIM for Airsoft games on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:19 am


kanusa mani pagkabuhaton ning milsim...murag lami gyud ni dah ug daghan ang manambong...

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