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1 Dual sector gear!!! high rof buffs on Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:24 pm


OK Riotsc over at airsoftechanics just released this... it's insane!;topicseen

The Cyclone Dual-Sector TM Gear is now available.

- Evolutionary "Dual-Sector" TM design allows two shots per sector gear cycle.

- Half-cycle cut-off system retains semi-auto function.

- Precisely calculated and accurately produced gear teeth involute profiles provide maximum efficiency and durability.

- All components are CNC machined from chromium molybdenum steel and case hardened, offering superior durability.

- Shape-optimized power cut-off cam decreases cut-off lever reset time, which reduces the chance of trigger switch jam.

- Compatible with common spur cut high speed and stock ratio gear sets.


The Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear may be purchased individually or as a complete gear set.

G1T3R1 - Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear - $55
GS-R-C - Revolution Gear Set (14.09 ratio) with Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear for V2/3 Mechbox - $110

GS-B-C - Balanced Gear Set (20.8 ratio) with Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear for V2/3 Mechbox - $110

E-GS-R-C - Economy Revolution Gear Set (15.5 ratio) with Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear for V2/3 Mechbox - $80

E-GS-B-C - Economy Balanced Gear Set (20.8 ratio) with Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear for V2/3 Mechbox - $80


The tappet plate and the piston both require modifications. Detailed instructions to follow.

The Cyclone Dual-Sector Gear system trades power output for rate of fire, please refer to the spring performance chart below for spring selection guidance.


- Due to the tight tolerances and specifications used to design and produce these gears, clone mechboxes and components may not be compatible.

- Never use 6mm ball bearings or plastic bushings with these gears.

- Metal bushings from CA and ICS are too soft and should be avoided.

- For steel bushings with oil channels, please fill the channels with lubricants first before gear installation. Failure to do so will lead to bushing damage.

- Actual appearance may vary between production batches due to constant manufacturing process refinements.


Orders within the United States will be shipped with USPS first class mail without extra charge. For orders within California, 8.25% sales tax will be added. International orders will be shipped with USPS global priority mail; an additional $10 will be charged to cover the increased shipping expenses. The buyer is responsible for any duties or taxes.


To order, please PM me with the part number(s), quantity, name, shipping address, PayPal e-mail, and any special instructions. Please allow up to two days for processing. I currently only accept payments through PayPal. Products will only be shipped to the address on PayPal record. So please make sure that the information is correct.


Please feel free to contact me or post in this thread if you have any questions or concerns. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Gear installation requires mechbox disassembly, assembly, and operation knowledge and skills. Misuse of the gears may cause personal injury, death, or property damage. The buyer assumes all associated risks and liabilities by purchasing these gears.


Due to the mechanical wear and tear nature of gears, all sales are final. A 7-day replacement warranty from the date of product receipt is offered to cover manufacturing defects. No other warranty of any kind is provided. Manufacturing defects include only traits, such as cracks and fractures, that prevent proper operation of the gears. Please note that machine marks, assembly marks, and other cosmetic blemishes are not considered as defects since they do not hinder product performance. Furthermore, damages due to incorrect installation are not covered under the warranty.

For warranty service, the original buyer must contact me to arrange the return of the defective gears. Replacements will be shipped out as soon as I receive the defective gears. The aforementioned 7-day replacement warranty applies to the replacements.

weird cya purma....

2 Re: Dual sector gear!!! high rof buffs on Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:27 pm


ako pangagan lang to ako gear hehehe

3 Re: Dual sector gear!!! high rof buffs on Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:31 am



ako pangagan lang to ako gear hehehe

ayaw lng ang selector gear sir ang imoa pistonbody shave the wisdom tooth nlng then 2nd tooth mga 3/4 kaha.a para kusog ang ROF then paired wth a high mAh battery dba labi jud ka bb's magamit...

4 Re: Dual sector gear!!! high rof buffs on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:46 am


Pero muhinay man sab imo FPS ani kay tungod half na lang ang number sa iya teeth, di na siya ka-bira sa piston body all the way back...Pero definitely mapas2x pag au imo fps ani.

5 Re: Dual sector gear!!! high rof buffs on Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:39 pm


mao ni ako gi buhat sa akong beng2 awa sa youtube..

6 Re: Dual sector gear!!! high rof buffs on Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:52 am


Unsa may gibuhat nimo sa imo AEG nokie, ang video na imo gi post kay explaination ra man to sa effect sa gears with different gear ratios.

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