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1 JG OWNER finally ARRESTED on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:56 am


Police (or as some described, a special force of the military) finally caught up with the real owner of JG and all aeg production in China has stopped. The JG owner who was arrested since last year was actually the driver. It is a normal practice for owners to have arrangements with a trusted employee who posts as owner in cases of raids.
In the past, there have been raids on Chinese companies manufacturing aegs. Usually, the owner entered into an agreement with a trusted employee for the later to pose as the owner to be arrested in case there is a raid. The real owner then takes care of the daily needs of the family of the poser plus some amount of money. The real owner remains at large to fix the problem and oftentimes, the poser is released after a few months and in some cases only weeks.

However, early 2009 raids were conducted by special police catching shop owners by surprise. An early victim was the owner of AGM. Owners of other factories kept watch and became restless as months past and the owner was still in police custody (Actually, most describe the arresting operatives as a special branch of the military).

Some companies took courage and went on to assemble manufactured parts that were kept elsewhere and therefore not confriscated. Others, who have several factories, started to manufacture aegs on a very limited scale. You can place an order and have to transfer funds in advance of production but no time of delivery can be promised. Specifically, the company I am referring to is Jing Gong which is actually a group 5 separate companies owned by close friends and relatives. The owner, or rather driver of the owner, was actually arrested earlier.

But it seems that the police are determined to stop aeg production this time. They manage to track down the real owner of JG, and recently, he was arrested. This brings ACM-aeg production to an complete standstill.

Now, others are waiting for further developments after the Chinese new year but with the aeg production problem now a year old, things do look quite dim for China made aegs.

China could have allowed aeg production to go on but only for international markets where it is legal but how does one appeal to the communist government? Surely, the Philippines does not have the marketing and the political clout to do so - only US and European importers. But that is another matter.

For me and others who deal in and patronize China made aegs this "void" is surely a nightmare. If China finally stop aeg production I dope that the expected reduced number of players (in the long run) will make airsoft a tighter and closer community.

I hope that this year long problem can and will still be resolved after the Chinese New Year.

repost from FAS

2 Re: JG OWNER finally ARRESTED on Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:20 am


ngano gidakop?

3 Re: JG OWNER finally ARRESTED on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:11 am



4 Re: JG OWNER finally ARRESTED on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:30 pm


ilang gidakop ang taw na akong giconsider nga ika-duhang amahan! atai!

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