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Isn't it annoying when the selector lever of our AK starts to feel loose?

Then even if we tighten it it will again go loose after some time because it is a moving part?

Have you experienced your gun go from auto to semi in the heat of the battle because of a loose selector lever?

Here's a tip to avoid such situation

What you need:

1. Knife
2. Sand paper
3. Faucet repair kit gaskets a.k.a. "sapatilya ng gripo"

Here's how the "sapatilya" look like. It can be bought at any hardware store at a very reasonable price. Chances are, you already have one at home because this is one of the most basic items you need for a home faucet "quick fix".

Using a very sharp knife or cutter, cut the "sapatilya" for your desired thickness. To be safe, use pliers to hold the "sapatilya".

if desired, slightly sand the "sapatilya" to achieve the proper size.

Here's how it should look like after trimming and sanding.
Put back the selector lever bolt and tighten.

Viola! No more loose AK safety-auto-semi selector lever.

courtesy of Attyjace of Komrads...

repost lng nako...

maybe helpful

more power BAS!


tnx jun, ako gisuwayan with rubber tire interior. . .ok paman pud so far . . hurot na ang half bag nako plinking pero wa na niluag ang selector. . . .nice! =)




ak rules...


Very Happy cheers Very Happy cheers:

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