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1 Common misconceptions about Milsims on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:19 am


I started this thread, since just recently, I have noticed that Milsims has had significant increase in popularity among the Luzon players . I'm not really too sure if this has been an on-going trend already, since I haven't been really diligently checking FAS for the past months. I was just surprised to see that a lot of the threads under General Discussions, Games and Events and the Newbie sections, has been about Milsim, Milsim event or Recruitment for a Milsim team.
Before I continue though, the object of this thread is to educate about Milsims, as well as to encourage others to try this type of gameplay, and not to discriminate against other types of gameplay in airsoft. With airsoft now highly commercialized, players' definitions and views between the types of gameplay in airsoft has become obscure.

As most veterans would know, "MilSim", short for Military Simulation, generally combines airsoft play with some military live-action role-playing elements. In layman's terms: Army2x, Police2x, Ranger2x, Cowboys and Indians. The keys to defining a Milsim type gameplay are: Scenario(Logistics, Area of operation, WW2, Vietnam), Player roles (Operator and OpForces, and sometimes Shadow forces), Mission elements(Briefing and Objectives, Hostage Rescue, Patrol Ambush). The more hardcore milsim players invovle rigid rules such as specific Military regiments/ uniforms, real capacity magazines (30 rounders), and sometimes real explosives. So to enumerate some of the misconceptions, here are some that I have observed over time:

1. Player 1: Unsa diay nang milsim bai? Magmilsim man daw ta, di man daw ta mag CQB.
Player 2: Milsim gani, adto na sa jungle duwaon, kanang CQB speedball na siya.
- Milsim just like Speedball can be played both indoors and outdoors. Whether CQB or Field, milsim has the other elements listed above. CQB in Milsim makes use of the regular set-up of a particular building, bus, airplane etc. Speedball whether CQB or Jungle, as defined is a game between teams in a field of obstales with the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing.

2. Player 1: Kapoy man ning milsim bai kay di ta malingaw kay inoras ang duwa
Player 2: Bitaw, kung ma hit ta sa sugod pa lang, dugay kaayo ta maghuwat.
- Most milsim games tend to be long, due to the fact that since it is mission based, operators usually take time in making plans and executing the correct strategy. However, not all Milsims take long hours, some may run for just about 15 minutes depending on the scenario. Regarding statement 2, in some games, there is the so-called respawn effect, where in, once you get hit, early or during mid-game, you just need to report back to your base in order to respawn or you may be revived by a designated medic in your group a given number of times, rules may vary.

3. Player 1: Duwa ta sa...Di na man ni speedball, Milsim na man ni kay naa may storya. Naa may mission...
- Speedball has missions as well like rescue the person in the kill house, or defuse the bomb within 15 minutes. The storyline in speeball tourneys is a way of explaining the rules of the tourney in military fashion. So long as the game is between teams that play in an area which is designed with obstacles for equal playing field, it is considered speedball. Organizers may just use these terms interchangeably because it is their choice and their way of advertising their event. Preferably though, for the purpose of definition and to prevent confusion among would be players, it would be nice if events are announced as to what they are whether milsim, speedball, tactical shooting, practical shooting, ect.

There are more misconceptions, but I would like to encourage others from posting. Wa pa ko mu touch adtong mga, cosplay, tactical and practical airsoft shooting kay wa kaayo ko na swito ana. Speedball ra jud ko ug milsim and some timed plinkling. To the other veterans or those who have something to share, please do so.

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