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1 Regular Sunday Milsim Games in Cebu on Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:52 am


Hello Guys, I will post this here, kay kung kinsa to ganahan muadto ug Cebu on a Sunday, makatrry mo sa among mga duwa.

Our games are usually patterned like this:
Milsim - Skirmish Games - Milsim
Aug 08, 2010 OP: Prodigal Son

Mission Background:
Makati has been shook by the recent bombing of the Malacanang Palace. A rag tag group of radicals known as Hukbong Sambayanang Pilipino (HSP) took the credit for orchestrating this attack, through a video in youtube and was soon broadcasted on national TV. In the video, the group has demanded for the stepping down of some specific government officials, including our newly elected president Noynoy Aquino, and replace them with a set of their own people. This group initially made its appearance last June 2007, and was dismissed to be a minor nuisance group. Over the years, through the efforts of their charismatic leader Iyeshlebin Ali, the group has increased in number and amassed high powered weapons and explosives. Initial intelligence reports that the group is a puppet of a rich and powerful individual or group of individuals who wish to remain behind the curtains.
This intel was provided by our deep cover operative codename "Wati". Wati had recently uncovered critical information about the group, such as accounts, camps and safe houses, names and numbers of contacts and assets all over the Philippines, and more importantly the names of the individuals funding this group. Wati's last transmission was unclear, but clearly stated that he had been weeded out by the group and is on the run somewhere in the CZ jungles. He has in his possession the valuable intel. Your mission is to locate codename "Wati", secure all the necessary intel especially the names of the puppeteers, and extract Wati for debriefing. Locate Wati as quickly and as possible since, he is also being tracked by the rebels.

Mission Briefing:
Evo 1
Wati's last transmission was pinpointed at a location near the CZ river. The beacon transmission died somewhere 5 miles downstream, but is replaced with a weak radiowave signal. It is presumed that Wati may have jumped into the river to flee from the rebels and washed downstream. He hasn't sent any new vocal transmissions and is presumed injured or dead. Your team will be inserted into the jungle via the CZ canal. Make your way through the jungle and locate Wati via the homing beacon.

Evo 2
Once you establish contact with Wati, confirm his identity, confirm and inspect the documents he gathered. If Wati is alive, protect him at all costs and proceed to extraction point. If Wati is dead, take the intel.

Special Instructions:
- Confirm Wati's identity by asking the question: Wati kabalo ka mulangoy?
Wati will respond with: O, pero sa dagat ng basura ko tiglangoy.
- Engage enemies only when engaged first
- Assign a medic in the group. A ratio of 1 medic for every 10 people will be maintained. The medic can only revive 3 people in an evo. If a player is hit, shout hit and raise your gun, but stay in place to wait for medic to revive you. Reviving will be done by bandaging the downed player. If a medic dies, no one can be revived. Hit players can respawn at the start of the next evo.
- During the mission, TOC will provide orders, you can also ask operational questions to TOC.
-Bogart's area is considered a heavily rebel-infested area. Do not go near this area or mission will be instantly failed.

Map of the AO with intel provided by Wati

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2 Re: Regular Sunday Milsim Games in Cebu on Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:03 am


KIA: Code name "Wati"

Aug 15, 2010 Op: Silent River
Mission Background:
After the bombing of Malacanang Palace and the unsuccessful rescue of codename Wati. The group Hukbong Sambayanang Pilipino, has doubled their efforts in strengthening their militia. The intel gathered by Wati, uncovered most of their local financers from behind the curtains. The low level guys in the picture had been served warrants and have been detained. However, some of the top conspirators were able to elude capture. Here are the three pillars of HSP. As of the moment, our intelligence department has been unable to extract the whereabouts of the the three pillars except for Samih Sa'id Srour.

Some of the pictures retrieved from Wati were the latest ones of Samih Sa'id Srour. His role in the HSP is essential as he is their main weapons supplier. He supplies the big and high powered guns to the HSP.

Latest intel confirms that he is currently hiding out in one of the low profile encampments of the HSP. This is the satellite image of where the camp is located, but we have no intel on the exact location of Samih, weapons cache, and the main rebel camp. Your mission is to locate, capture and extract Samih Sa'id Srour, destroy their weapons cache, and call in the coordinates of the Main rebel camp for an airstrike.

Mission Briefing:
Evo 1: Recon
Your men are to insert at 10-Charlie of the rebel territory. You will rendezvous with an asset codename: “Molmol”. Password challenge: “Ta-e” Molmol: “Lami”. Mol2x will provide to you the route of the backdoor patrol. Keep a low profile, see but don't be seen. Your objective is to obtain visual of the patrol, capture the patrol leader while eliminating the rest of the patrol as quietly possible. Shoot suppressed to prevent reinforcements from coming. Mol2x will provide you with the necessary intel about how the patrol operates so you can plan for the ambush. Once you have the patrol leader interrogate him on the location of Samih, the weapons cache and the main rebel camp. Obtain passwords and other important information like alarm systems and duress codes.

Evo 2: Capture and Sabotage
Once you have intel on where Samih and the Weapons Cache, and the Main Rebel Camp are, gain access to Samih's base and capture him alive. Plant explosives on the weapons cache, once you have done all this call in for an airstrike on the main rebel camp timed to when you will detonate the explosives on the weapons cache. Make a quick extraction back to 10 Charlie.

Operator Pointers:
Stealth and Observation
Target Verification
Ambush tactics
How to capture, interrogate, ifiltrate...this is milsim, use your imagination, opfors will react to how you act.

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