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The origin of this rifle can be traced back to the end of World War II when engineers at the German Mauser factory designed the 7.92 mm StG45 assault rifle,[1] first with the Ger�t 06 ("device 06") using a roller-delayed blowback mechanism originally adapted from the roller-locked recoil operating system of the MG42 machine gun but with a fixed barrel and gas system. It was realized that with careful attention to the mechanical ratios, the gas system could be omitted. The resultant weapon, the Ger�t 06(H) was assigned the designation StG45(M) but was not produced beyond prototype stage.

Initial production G3 rifles differed substantially from more recent models; early rifles featured closed-type mechanical flip iron sights (with two settings), a lightweight folding bipod, stamped steel handguard, wooden buttstock (in fixed stock models) and a telescopic metal stock (in folding stock models). The weapon was modernized during its service life (among other minor modifications it received new sights, a different flash hider, a plastic foregrip and stock), resulting in the current production variants, the G3A3 (with a fixed synthetic stock) and the G3A4 (telescoping metal stock). The rifle proved successful in the export market, being adopted by the armed forces of over 40 countries.

The G3A3 (A4) is a selective-fire automatic weapon that employs a roller-delayed blowback operating system. The two-piece bolt assembly consists of a breech (bolt head) and bolt carrier. The bolt is partially locked in battery by two sliding cylindrical rollers that engage locking recesses in the barrel extension. The breech is unlocked when both rollers are compressed inward against camming surfaces driven by the rearward pressure of the expanding exhaust gases upon the bolt head. As the rollers move inward recoil energy is transferred to the locking piece and bolt carrier which begin to withdraw while the bolt head remains locked. As the bolt carrier clears the rollers, pressure in the bore drops to a safe level, the bolt head is unlocked and begins to recoil backwards at a velocity lower than that of the bolt carrier. The bolt also features an anti-bounce mechanism that prevents the bolt from bouncing off the barrel's breech surface. The spring-powered claw extractor is also contained inside the bolt while the lever ejector is located inside the trigger housing (actuated by the recoiling bolt).

The rifle is hammer fired and has a trigger mechanism with a 3-position fire selector switch that is also the manual safety toggle that secures the weapon from accidentally discharging (fire selector in the �E� or �1� position � single fire mode, �F� or �20� � automatic fire, �S� or �0� � weapon is safe, trigger disabled mechanically). The weapon can be fitted with an optional 4-position safety/fire selector group illustrated with pictograms with an ambidextrous selector lever. The additional, fourth selector setting enables a 3-round burst mode of fire.

The G3A3 (A4) uses either steel (260 g) or aluminum (140 g) double-stacked straight box magazines.

This is a Blade Trinity Style G3A3 style assault rifle. It comes with the G3A3 rifle, 9.6v 1500mah battery, A/C charger, Bi-Pod, 2 magazines that hold 40 rounds, speed loader and barrel cleaner. It has full, semi and safe shooting modes. It has an adjustable hop-up that doubles a a rear drum sight. This gun is mostly metal which gives it the look and feel of the real thing!

Electric Airsoft Rifles use batteries as their power source, they're usually fully automatic, and they shoot very fast. If you are looking for continuous fire fun, this is the type of Airsoft Gun for you - just hold down the trigger and watch those BB's stream out, one after the other, in a straight, swift line - which means fun and entertainment, plain and simple. This Electric Airsoft Rifle doesn't require any pumping just simply point and shoot.


* Adjustable Hop-Up
* Full, Semi and Safe shooting modes
* H&K G3A3 Style Design
* Mostly metal


* G3A3 Assult Rifle
* 2 - 40 Round Magazines
* 9.6v 1500 mah Battery and A/C Charger
* Speed Loader
* Bi-Pod


* FPS: 300
* Magazine Capacity: 40
* Size: 38 in long
* Weight: 7.65lbs

Charging an Airsoft Battery: The initial charge should be 4 hours but no longer, and subsequent charges should last no longer than 2-3 hours. Overcharging your battery will ruin your battery so that it won't hold a charge. Remember to never overcharge your battery!

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