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Game Mechanics:
Players are divided into 2 teams. Each team will decide on the following details:
. Team Color
. Team Uniform
. Team Name
. 1 Team Commander
. Stash box/ Objective box
. Team Tent/Barracks and Base Flag
. Radio and fixed frequency
- Play cards

Team Color, Uniform, Name, Radio Frequency and Commander will be decided by the members of each team. This will be posted upon introduction of this event so players would be able to decide which team they want to be in and so on.

The Team Commander will be responsible of designating positions to members like Base gunner, squad leader, etc., as well as briefing the members of mission objectives, status, contacting TOC, ordering strategies, Keeping and regulating play cards. So the team commander will be staying within or around the team barracks.

The game day will start with both teams setting up their team tent on far ends of the AO. TOC will then announce when the game starts and carry out the given missions, boodle lunch break and when the game ends for debrief.

This will be a Semi- bivouac, so it will be a whole day or straight game event, walay bali... Game objectives will be 2-fold. Aside from the missions provided by the TOC, points will also be gathered by teams through capturing opposing team play cards and base flag. Accomplish missions or gather specific number of points and TOC will provide mission essentials or rewards.

Play card rules:
- Each player will be given one play card. This play card represents a life point and enables the player to be deployed from the barracks.
- During engagement, if a player gets hit, he has 2 options, one is to lay down as dead and wait for the opponent to go near you and ask for your play card, second is to declare hit comming out and give your play card to the opponent discreetly so as not to burn his position, like dropping the play card near his position where he can see it. Ultimately you must give up your play card to the opponent(May or may not be the player who hit you).
- Once you have given up your card, you are to go back to your base to get another play card from the commander, so you can be redeployed (Respawn). So please refrain from carrying more than one play card. - --- One card is one point.

Commander and Base Flag rules:
- Once commander is hit, he cannot respawn unless ceasefire is called or as advised by TOC.
- Base flag must be placed on the base tent and not inside. Flag is captured if opposing player takes the flag from its post/ touches the flag.
- Once a base flag is captured, a ceasefire will be called and all players must report back to their respective bases.

No dirty moves please, just for the sake of winning. Do not make loopholes of the rules.
-Example: Player manages to bring 2 play cards. He gets hit and surrenders one play card to the opponent. He then walks around or flanks his opponents. Note that you cannot respawn behind or flank your enemy because you already died before you got behind/ beside your opponents. What is encouraged here is group strategy and tactics.

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