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1 Complete Upgrade for the MP5 Variants on Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:51 pm



Metal bushings and reshimming is required for each upgrade.
The MP5's is quite hard to increase its FPS because of its short barrel length, unless your going to use an extended barrel (which defeats the purpose of using a 'short' mp5).
High ROF MP5's tend to missfeed, its either because of the magazine OR it needs a sector chip (sometimes both).
The MP5 series uses ver2 gearbox except for the MP5k variants (which uses ver3 gearbox).
MP5 and MP5k have their own different airseal nozzle.
Battery location (and size to use) depends on MP5 variants (butt, hand guard and upper receiver).

Caution: Different brands of Mp5 have different designs.

ROF upgrade

Stock : 8.4v NiMh
Lvl1 : 9.6v NiCd/NiMh or 7.4v Lipo
Lvl2 : 11.1v 12c lipoly, High Speed Motor, Mosfet
Lvl3 : 11.1v 20c lipoly, Magnum motor, Mosfet

FPS upgrade

400fps+ : SP120, airseal nozzle
450fps : SP130 or PDI 190%, Metal spring guide with bearing, piston head with bearing, airseal nozzle
500fps : SP140 or SP150, Metal spring guide with bearing, piston head with bearing, airseal nozzle, STU or ITU gears, high torque motor, Metal Full-tooth/half-tooth (for ITU) piston body

Durability Upgrade

Lvl1 : Polycarb Piston Body
Lvl2 : Metal Teeth Piston Body
Lvl3 : DF Reinforced ver2 or ver3 (mp5k) Gearbox, Metal Teeth Piston Body, Metal Cylinder head, CA ribbed type* cylinder

* Depends on barrel length

Accuracy Upgrade

Note: 110mm for MP5k and 229mm for MP5 a5/a4/SD respectively

Lvl1 : SCS, Hop rubber
Lvl2 : 6.03 ID Tight Barrel, SCS, Hop rubber
Lvl3 : 6.00 ID (or longer) Tight Barrel, SCS, Hop rubber

Disclaimer :

1. Not all will achieve the same results, it depends on parts brand and skills of your gunsmith (or your skills).
2. Brand specification is not given, since everyone have their own brand preferences.
3. Prices depends on store/location.
4. 550fps++ upgrades is not included since it's almost impossible (or very expensive) on the MP5 platform.
5. This is for reference only, the author is not responsible for damages that might be caused to your MP5. Proceed with caution.

For comments and suggestions, please post it here.

Got this from FAS... hope this helps

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