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1 HNU invites you to a friendly airsoft games!!! on Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:36 am


Holy Name University (HNU)will be hosting their instrams this week sept.08-11, 2010 and part of the instrams exhibit is an airsoft gamesite.

the Divine Word Outdoors Club (DWOC)in cooperation with ASG Bohol will be hosting an airsoft friendly games so students and alike will be able to try our beloved sports.

for those interested to join & help, please contact jopet pilongo (VP-DWOC)for your extra aeg's that would be part of the rentals...a reasonable fee would be charge & part of the fee will go to DWOC for their fund raising.

also, a rappelling activity (rope descend) will also be available.

see you then!!!

Dugong Bol-anon!!![embed-flash(width,height)]


nice ni para daghang mga takdan sa virus sa airsoft ang mga studyante sa hnu manuwa na og airsoft hehehe...


pwdi me mka play?


baby tan! duwa ta ugma. bring ur gun. kita kitz


yep pwd mi mka join?? hehe..


joe dli man me student.....pwidi ba d i?


pwede ra modula, pananghid lng sa guard inig sulod nga adto mo sa airsoft...ingna lng nga motabang mo ug marshall/officiate

Dugong Bol-anon!!![embed-flash(width,height)]


weeee.. Smile byuha ganiha oi..hehehe Smile




ugma na pud, haha . . nalingaw ko maski nagbuang2 akong pusil . . . nalingaw ko tan-aw . . .hehe . . . Very Happy


My Alma Mater HNU.


"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."

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